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Geschichte der 32nd Alabama Vol.
32nd Alabama Infantry Regiment( Claytons Brigade)
The 32nd Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized at Mobile in April 1862 with companies recruited from Baldwin, Clarke, Fayette, Mobile, Monroe, Tuscaloosa, Washington, and Wilcox counties. It proceeded to Tennessee three months later and was under fire first at Bridgport where it forded the Tennessee River against the enemy. Shortly after, the regiment captured Stevenson, with valuable stores. It operated in middle Tennessee, part of the time under Gen'l Nathan B. Forrest, and was surprised and overpowered at Lavergne, losing a number of prisoners. Placed in Gen'l D. W. Adams' Brigade, the 32nd fought with severe loss at Murfreesboro (105 casualties). Having wintered at Tullahoma, the regiment was part of the force sent to Mississippi to the relief of Vicksburg. It was in the trenches at Jackson, and it repulsed an enemy assault without loss, costing 260 Union casualties. In November of 1863, the 32nd rejoined the Army of Tennessee and participated in the Battle of Chickamauga, with small loss. It was then transferred from Adams' Brigade to that of Gen'l Henry D. Clayton of Barbour and consolidated with the 58th Alabama in November 1863, where its further history is located. However, the regiment did participate at Chattanooga (257 casualties) and reported 325 men and 119 arms in December. Of these men, many were lost at Spanish Fort and only a few surrendered on 4 May 1865.
Field and staff Officers: Col. Alexander McKinstry (Mobile; relieved); Lt. Col. Harry [Henry] Maury (Mobile; captured at Lavergne; wounded, Murfreesboro, Jackson; transferred); Majors Thomas Porter Ashe (Washington; resigned, 15 Oct 1862); Thomas S. Easton (Mobile; resigned, 13 May 1863); John C. Kimbell (Clarke; relieved); and Adjutants John L. Chandler (Mobile; relieved); Lewis A. Middleton
In der Schlacht von Chickamauga war die 32. Alabama Infantry zusammen mit:
- 13. & 20. Louisiana
- 16. & 25. Louisiana
- 19. Louisiana
- 14. Louisiana Battalion
unter Col. Randall L. Gibson in der Brigade von Brig. Gen. Daniel W. Adams.
Diese Brigade war mit 2 weiteren Brigaden (Stovall's & Heim's) und einem Artillery-Battalion unter Maj. Rice E. Graves, der Division von Maj. Gen. John C. Breckinridge zugeteilt.
Diese bildete zusammen mit einer weiteren Division (die von Maj. Gen. Patrick R.Cleburne's), Hill's Corps !
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